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The garage has become an integral part of our life. It provides shelter for one of our prized possession, i.e. our car. It protects your car from different problems starting from bad weather to theft. To secure your garage, you must have used many different things. One of such accessory is a garage door opener. This will help you to automatically lift your garage door. Nowadays, due to the increasing level of competition in the market, you may find many different kinds of garage door openers.

One of the top most brands in the field of garage door openers (for example: MIGHTY MULE MM562 ) is Chamberlain. Chamberlain has been providing various solutions to make your garage experience simpler. In the current market, you can find many different products of Chamberlain. Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is just one of such products that boast of great features. It is quite popular for its productivity and different kinds of features. Its productive features make it beneficial to all kinds of customers.

To get be recognized as a good product in the global market in today’s world, a product has to have some really good or attractive qualities. Similarly, this product also has some unique features which make it different from the rest of other similar kind products in the market. Some of these features which make it a fierce competitor in the market are given below.

Light compatibility with CFLS
Advanced theft protection: It uses advanced PosiLock technology to provide theft protection by ensuring that when the door is locked, it remains locked.
Timer: These timers can be set in a way that they can close the garage door in every interval of 1, 5 or 10 minutes.
Safety system: This product comes with protector system sensors for safety purposes. If these sensors sense any contact with a person or any other object, then it immediately restricts the garage door from closing.
Lifting system: It has a belt drive system which is operated by exclusive Motor Vibration Isolation System. Due to this, it has an ultra quiet operation.
Installation compatibility: It is compatible with the home link. It can be assembled in 60 seconds. Its quick to install rail system provides an away to install in a faster and easier way.
Power consumption: One of the best things about this product is this that it uses less than 1 watt as its standby power. So it is quite time and cost efficient, as it saves a lot of energy.
Warranty: You will get a lifetime warranty on the belt drive and motor. You will also get a 1-year warranty on the accessories and a good 5-year warranty for the other parts of the garage opener.
Price: If you compare this garage opener with other garage opener, giving the same features, then undoubtedly you can see that the price is reasonable.

Just like other details, technical details are also important to determine the features of a garage door opener. Below, you will find out about all the technical details that you check during buying a garage door opener.

The origin of this product is China.
Its item model no. or part no. is
The weight of this product is 35 pounds and its dimension is 26.8 x 8 x 13.2 inches.
It comes with a 3 non-standard batteries set to operate it as an accessory.
It comes with a control panel, two remote controls with three buttons, installation instruction handy book and keyless entry system.

These features are important as they will enable you to keep up with the latest technology and will help you upgrade the outdated one. You can also know about the garage opener’s reliability and can help you compare it to the other products available in the current market.

Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener are one of the newest openers which are the exact mixture of silence and power. Its new motor system efficiently reduces noise and power head vibration makes it ideal for all kinds of users. As you saw in the feature list, its timer can close the garage door automatically if in case you forget and it’s famous MyQ technology will allow your machine to control the lights of interior and exterior of the house. You will require purchasing the MyQ gateway to make your door opener compatible with MyQ technology. Using this technology, you can control your door opener from anywhere with your smart phone.

It has a three button remote control which communicates via tri-band frequency. It finds the clearest frequency in order to work reliably from a long distance. A wireless keypad is also included with the device which will allow you to set a four digit password for accessing the garage in a secure manner without a remote. One touch in the keypad will give the command to close your garage door. The control panel is enabled with motion detecting which will help you to easily change the controls of the remote control, lightning accessories and keypads.

The safety sensors project a light beam which is invisible to the human eye on the ground. When the door is closing, if it finds any interruption, then it reverses the door backwards and the light of the opener automatically turns on. It also includes security features like anti burglary technology, which sends a new code every time when the remote control is used. During any power failure, you can easily open it with the help of its manual release handle.

All the technical and new features make this product exceptionally popular in the market. These features and the customer representatives of Chamberlain are extremely helpful in solving all kinds of problems of the customers.

If you are in search of a good garage opener with new and attractive features at a reasonable price, then Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is definitely the one you are looking for.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SEO 9 Useful Tips

1: Linking to other highly Rated sites helps your ranking

Some sites try to link to many other high authority websites so as to aid their rankings, but that doesn't help at all. Google uses PageRank to choose how your website will rank, and that algorithm is based on how useful your site is to other people, and as such it will only look at just how many different people relate to you. Whether you connect them back is of no significance. Otherwise, any site could rise to the top simply by linking to millions of sites, which is not the case.
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2: Utilizing automated best local SEO methods is always spam

A lot of people use automated NY SEO services methods which do not fall in the spam place. Many companies have very big websites and they use automated scripts to do lots of the grunt work of SEO services NYC. Whether a technique is spammy is based on what the result is, not how automated it is.

3: PageRank is the only variable that matters

The algorithm that Google uses to rank websites is PageRank, which determines how useful a site is to others. But the effect also takes signals from tens of thousands of other inputs too, according to what Google says. Some of those inputs are easy to see, like having your website being advocated by other people on Google Plus. This demonstrates that not only PageRank matters. The business is staying tight-lipped on how many inputs there are, and just how important each gets weighed, but it is clear that there's more going on than just PageRank. With that said, however, it's still widely believed that PageRank has become the most important factor, and a PR1 webpage is always greater than a PR3 one.

4: The name tag is hidden from search engines

Most of the things Google sees your site is the text that is visible to users, such as what appears on the screen and is left in a web browser. As such, it would be easy to think that the title isn't picked up. Nevertheless, your name is quite important for best affordable SEO company, because that is the text which appears on the connection people will click. Not only is Google with it to help your ranking, but folks will see it as well when they proceed to click on your website.

5: Usability does not affect best SEO company New York

The entire purpose of SEO company NY is to gain traffic and get visitors to remain on your website so they may be entertained or buy your products and services. As such, SEO New York NY really much goes hand in hand with usability, because this is what's going to really make a difference in whether someone stays on your website for long. If your website is hard to use or navigate, it is extremely easy for people to go to the next search result. Additionally, the search engines themselves will look at layout and usability. If your site is hard to navigate for your audiences, it will be hard for the crawler as well, and having a bad usability can definitely affect your rankings.

6: backlinks are the best

It's correct that websites are well ranked and possess a high authority since those are typically official sites that are well maintained and contain no spam. But this is just a byproduct of the way that they are maintained, it's no guarantee. The simple truth that they have a domain which ends does not help your ranking at all. For those who own a backlink on one of those websites, it's only going to be as good as how much authority that site has. You get nothing from the fact that it's an educational or government website. Posting a backlink in an website isn't going to help you any more than posting it on an obscure blog.

7: SEO New York company is based on the quantity of link a site has

Believing that the achievement of affordable local SEO services is to have the most potential backlinks is misunderstanding how ranking works. Any position algorithm, whether it will be Google, Bing, Facebook, etc will rank websites based on a lot of distinct factors. To do successful affordable SEO company, you must tackle each one of these variables, and use a lot of links is just one small piece of the puzzle. Additionally, each link has its own quality value. Frequently, a single connection from a popular news site speaking about your product will be more beneficial than spamming countless hyperlinks to unknown blog websites.

8: Backlinks are more important than content

SEO services New York usually costs time and money, and as such, it is unrealistic to think you can do everything possible in every facet of internet marketing. So often you've got to make choices, and some may be tempted to concentrate on link building instead of content. On the other hand, the objective of affordable SEO services for small business is to bring good traffic to your site. Quality is very important, not just amount. Not having good content means your site doesn't have any value to anybody, and as such, it'll quickly lose any advantage that the additional hyperlinks gave you. In reality, the most useful backlinks are often not those you have immediate access to. They are reviews from stars in your specialty, news websites, and anyone who already is an authority referring to your merchandise. By having good content, these links can actually come by themselves, only through PR or word of mouth. But a bunch of backlinks on low power blogs will not help you much at all, and the ranking you will get from them will not last long as these sites clean those links up. Instead, pay attention to your audience and attempt to understand who you are searching for. By producing very good content you are helping your website over the long term.

9: Paid links will get you banned from Google

There are lots of methods to get links, and a few of them contains some kind of payment. But maybe not all of paid links are always bad, it depends on how that payment occurs. For instance, a lot of sites, such as Google, offer services. You can buy an advertisement on Adwords, you could visit some other ad network, and many sites offer their own advertising services. Though a number of them won't give you any position, others may, and people are totally legitimate. Paying a site that focuses on your niche to have a link at a strategic location will likely not get you banned, however, you need to bear in mind there are methods that can. Buying low-quality links in bulk are the greatest method to get your site removed from the index.

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SEO New York is an Innovative Promotion Method

Local SEO NYC could be the composition for affordable SEO company marketing. The definition of affordable local SEO services are extremely popular these days all because of the popularity of the Planet Wide Web. Standard advertising has encountered a massive change and more and more people are opening to newer types of connection. This under no circumstances indicates the traditional press is sacrificing its hold over the public; it's just that folks have more alternatives now. They don't stay glued to the standard method to locate information regarding anything. Affordable SEO services for small business or Google best local SEO company is actually a straightforward method by which a web-based website could be produced common on the net. Publicity is necessary for everything and New York SEO company will be the press process which may be employed for online sites. You'll have a massive benefit of applying SEO providers in case your corporation is initiated in New York.

The reason behind this being the fact numerous organizations are working there and you may easily be capable of learning a good local SEO agencies organization for this. In case you have a web-presence of the enterprise your first aim will surely be to advertise the site. Well if no-one has any understanding of your online presence then what is the utilization of having an internet profile. Do not forget that advertising on the web is very different from the original ways of marketing which are useful for different media. First, you have to recognize different factors associated with this technique. You can find distinct techniques that can be useful for performing best local SEO services for a site online. The first thing which a stay operator must be careful for this can be to really make the site exquisite.
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Imagine what would happen to your status if some readers want to proceed to visit your internet site and for some purpose or even the purpose your website is not available. Yes, your popularity will undoubtedly be in tatters, therefore the very first thing is always to put-up a niche site that is easily accessible and open to anyone. Yet another thing that may help you in the procedure of search engine optimization is to set up some good contents inside the site. Just ensure that the information is keyword-rich as this assists you in acquiring good ranks from search engines. It's merely through major search engines like best local SEO companySEO services NYCSEO services New York and Altavista that site owners could get in touch with their audience. Se's present high-priority to sites which have good information created regularly.

Being the website manager you'll undoubtedly prefer to have information about everything that you are offering to customers. Usually, how could you attract buyers to visit your website? One more thing which you may do with the objective of best local SEO will be to trade links with other websites. Trading of links can be carried out physically as this produces more results. Link exchange can be of three kinds, first is a proven way link exchange, second is two-way linking or reciprocal linking along with the last is three-way link exchange. Depending on your necessity, you can use whichever you would like.

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A charge controller, or charge regulator is basically a voltage and/or current regulator to keep batteries from overcharging. It regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery. Most "12 volt" panels put out about 16 to 20 volts, so if there is no regulation the batteries will be damaged from overcharging. Most batteries need around 14 to 14.5 volts to get fully charged. The best charge controller i can offer you is RENOGY 20 AMP MPPT SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER


Not always, but usually. Generally, there is no need for a charge controller with the small maintenance, or trickle charge panels, such as the 1 to 5 watt panels. A rough rule is that if the panel puts out about 2 watts or less for each 50 battery amp-hours, then you don't need one.

For example, a standard flooded golf car battery is around 210 amp-hours. So to keep up a series pair of them (12 volts) just for maintenance or storage, you would want a panel that is around 4.2 watts. The popular 5 watt panels are close enough, and will not need a controller. If you are maintaining AGM deep cycle batteries, such as the Concorde Sun Xtender then you can use a smaller 2 to 2 watt panel.

The obvious question then comes up - "why aren't panels just made to put out 12 volts". The reason is that if you do that, the panels will provide power only when cool, under perfect conditions, and full sun. This is not something you can count on in most places. The panels need to provide some extra voltage so that when the sun is low in the sky, or you have heavy haze, cloud cover, or high temperatures*, you still get some output from the panel. A fully charged "12 volt" battery is around 12.7 volts at rest (around 13.6 to 14.4 under charge), so the panel has to put out at least that much under worst case conditions.
*Contrary to intuition, solar panels work best at cooler temperatures. Roughly, a panel rated at 100 watts at room temperature will be an 83 watt panel at 110 degrees.

The charge controller regulates this 16 to 20 volts output of the panel down to what the battery needs at the time. This voltage will vary from about 10.5 to 14.6, depending on the state of charge of the battery, the type of battery, in what mode the controller is in, and temperature. (see complete info on battery voltages in our battery section).
Nearly all PV panels rated over 140 watts are NOT standard 12 volt panels, and cannot (or at least should not) be used with standard charge controllers. Voltages on grid tie panels varies quite a bit, usually from 21 to 60 volts or so. Some are standard 24 volt panels, but most are not.
What happens when you use a standard controller

Standard (that is, all but the MPPT types), will often work with high voltage panels if the maximum input voltage of the charge controller is not exceeded. However, you will lose a lot of power - from 20 to 60% of what your panel is rated at. Charge controls take the output of the panels and feed current to the battery until the battery is fully charged, usually around 13.6 to 14.4 volts. A panel can only put out so many amps, so while the voltage is reduced from say, 33 volts to 13.6 volts, the amps from the panel cannot go higher than the rated amps - so with a 175 watt panel rated at 23 volts/7.6 amps, you will only get 7.6 amps @ 12 volts or so into the battery. Ohms Law tells us that watts is volts x amps, so your 175 watt panel will only put about 90 watts into the battery.
Using an MPPT controller with high voltage panels

The only way to get full power out of high voltage grid tie solar panels is to use an MPPT controller. See the link above for detailed into on MPPT charge controls. Since most MPPT controls can take up to 150 volts DC (some can go higher, up to 600 VDC) on the solar panel input side, you can often series two or more of the high voltage panels to reduce wire losses, or to use smaller wire. For example, with the 175 watt panel mentioned above, 2 of them in series would give you 46 volts at 7.6 amps into the MPPT controller, but the controller would convert that down to about 29 amps at 12 volts

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Guest Post: Elements Of Your Amish Quilting Design

You can transform your quilt from a Plain-Jane to an Exciting Quilt with simple design elements in your quilting design. Although books are getting better about this, often a book demonstrating a beautiful quilt top design falls short when it comes to suggesting quilting designs.

Many of the books have small pictures of the whole finished quilt top, leaving you guessing how it was quilted. Others have close up pictures of the quilting design for part of the quilt top, but don't show how that part connects with the rest of the top.

Effective quilting designs don't need to be intricate and detailed to be effective. A quilter might choose a pattern that simply echoes the pieced or appliqué design, outlines an individual design feature, or creates a grid or series of parallel quilting lines.

In deciding how to quilt your quilt, you should first look at some of the overall design elements of the quilt top, and ask some basic questions, like: Are there design features I would like to emphasize? Are there elements I would like to have recede into the background? Are there large, open areas where a quilted design, such as a feathered wreath, could be effective? Does the quilt have movement that I would like to enhance (i.e. are there curves and waves vs. straight seams)? Is there interesting fabric I would like to highlight or create a contrast

Once you have some of those basic questions answered, it's time to look at some specifics.

A quilting design that echoes the basic design of the quilt is probably the easiest to accomplish, yet choosing which design elements of your quilt you echo can, indeed, affect the overall look of your quilt.

For example, if you take a simple Irish Chain quilt, by quilting parallel lines of quilting through the diagonal lines of squares creates a kind of channel affect, making the center squares stand out. The square in the center can be quilting in a completely different way, creating a new design element.

If your quilt is green and white, how about quilting a shamrock in each square? Quilting a heart in each square delivers yet a different message. Or, mix them up, a shamrock in every other square, alternating with a heart.

Another method of enhancing the pieced pattern of the quilt is to quilt additional shapes of the main design. For example, you can turn an eight pointed star into a 16 pointed star by simply quilting points in the background between each of the 8 pieced points. By varying the size of the quilted points, you can give the star even more dimension and interest.

Quilting designs in large and open areas can be used to repeat curves or angles appearing in other places on the quilt.

Going back to our Irish Chain, you could carry the shamrocks or hearts into the border by quilting them in one of the borders.

On a quilt using plaid fabric, you can create a plaid design with your quilting stitches, even in areas where you have placed solid fabric.

Although some quilters may advise you differently, there are really very few rules when it comes to designing the quilting pattern for your top. However, understanding a few things about quilting does help.

Quilting in the ditch anchors and sharpens the seam line so the seam looks as straight as it did when the top was pressed. In the ditch stitches also cause the adjacent pieces to puff up.

Because your quilting stitches cause the fabric to recede, a line of quilting can create the illusion of a seam where there is none.

Quilting across a seam line distorts that seam line and may soften the contrast between two pieces, thus easing the transition between areas on your top.

Quilting through a fabric design will distort the design. If the fabric design element is something you want to keep, consider quilting around it. For example, if your fabric has flowers, then quilting around the outside of the flowers will make them puff up in your quilt top. Adding more background quilting - whether it is stippling or quilting a grid - will make the flowers puff up even more.

The good news / bad news about quilting designs is that there are really no rules - only things that happen when you put quilting stitches in your quilt. Therefore, designing your quilting pattern, much like designing your quilt top, is very much an issue of personal taste and your idea of your final quilt.

So, take those unfinished Amish quilts out of the closet, and plan a quilting design, knowing that it cannot be wrong! And that however it is quilting, it is better to have the quilt being used on a couch or bed or viewed hanging on a wall than it is to have it hiding in your closet.

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4 Things Your Business Can Do to Help Improve the Economy

If you have been tuning into the Presidential debates lately, you may be aware that there is a slight difference of opinion on what the government should be doing to improve our economy. At ExactSource, we're not keen on the idea of idly standing by.

While this upcoming election is focused on economy...economy...did we mention economy...we thought about some ways that private industry can grow their business, save some money and in turn, help to strengthen the American economy at the same time.

1. Make do with less

Small businesses are a key factor in boosting the economy and that’s why it’s critical to keep them afloat. Small businesses not only provide jobs for over half of the nation’s workforce, but they also create more than 50% of the nonfarm private gross domestic product. So in an economic downturn such as this, it is important that small businesses find better, faster, and cheaper ways of doing things.

If all companies would utilize today’s technology, they could cut a lot of unnecessary spending. Instead of flying clients in, arrange videoconference meetings. Market your business using free social media platforms. Automate your processes such as invoicing, receiving, purchasing, and inventory control and trim unnecessary overhead. If businesses would reduce certain fixed costs, they could use that money to pump back into the American economy and hire more workers. After all, if our employees – the American consumers – have more money to spend, small businesses like yours will continue to succeed.

2. Outsource your hiring needs
Here’s a riddle for you: If our nation’s unemployment rate is at 8.1%, why are there 3.8 million jobs in the U.S. that remain unfilled? The answer: many companies have a broken hiring process. An inforgraphic found on Mashable Business reveals that 52% of hirers decided not to hire anyone at all because they couldn’t find the right fit. Not only is this a missed opportunity for any of the 13 million unemployed, but it also costs your business money to have a position go unfilled.

The problem doesn’t end there. 43% of employers reported that vacant job positions at their company haven’t been filled in the anticipated timeframe, and more than 70% of people surveyed reported that more than 3 people at their company are involved in any given hiring decision. If companies are focusing all their time and energy trying to fill positions, that means they are not focusing their time and energy on doing their own jobs. There’s a simple solution to this problem - outsource your hiring needs. Recruiters have the experience and time it takes to find the right candidates. Not only will you save time and money on the hiring process, but you will also have better candidates to choose from and a guaranteed filled position.

3. Hire Veterans & Unemployed

According to a recent Bloomberg article, over 30% of our country's veterans are unemployed - and this number is on the rise. In most cases, these are potential employees with a calibrated skill-set, discipline and loyalty gained from service. Many unemployed jobseekers out there have the right qualifications and experience, but are getting the short end of the stick because they’re currently out of work. Besides boosting the employment rate, there are also tax benefits under the HIRE Act available to employers who hire certain previously unemployed workers. Finally, you may see a better work ethic from a recently unemployed worker.

4. Allow employees to telecommute

Working from home brings tremendous benefits not only to the economy but to your business, the telecommuter, and the environment as well. By allowing employees the option of working from home, you can certainly expect them to do more with fewer resources. You can also save money on office costs by reducing the amount of office space required. The teleworker is able to increase productivity by eliminating the time spent on commuting to and from work and the interruptions often taking place in busy offices. Another infographic on Mashable Business found that working from home increases productivity an average of 10-20%. Not to mention the oil we could save. If half the American workforce telecommuted just 50% of the time, we would save one-third of America’s yearly Persian Gulf oil imports.

Obviously we have a long way to go to get our economy back on top, but if every business put forth a little effort, we'd certainly be taking steps in the right direction. The initiatives listed above not only benefit our economy, but they are advantageous to your business as well. You could be helping everyone while helping yourself at the same time. Don't you just love when everyone wins?

Do you have any other suggestions on what businesses can do to help improve our economy? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

If you're interested in learning more about outsourcing your hiring needs, check out our free whitepapers on Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

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Why is business so important to a country's economy?

Business is extremely important to a country’s economy because businesses provide both goods and services and jobs. Businesses do these things much more efficiently than individuals could on their own.

Businesses are the means by which we get most of the goods and services that we, as consumers, want and need. You will presumably be reading this answer on a computer that was produced by a business. You are buying internet access from a business. Almost everything that you use in your everyday life was produced by a business and sold by yet another business. Without these businesses, it would be very hard for us to get the things we need. Imagine, for example, how hard it would be for one person to build and sell their own computers from scratch.

A business often exist like an individual being who has goals some of the business goals are to make profit, to grow or expand , to survive, to expand its capacity.As business are formed they have the goals as illustrated before but in meeting these goals there end up giving a lot of advantages to the economy in which the are operating or even beyond.This makes businesses important to a country's economy .

Now lets look at these elements that makes businesses important to an country's economy.Before will look at the more general important issues lets us agree that business contributes to an a country's exchange rate.An exchange rate is the price of one currency in other foreign currency.If an economy has no or poor business activities it means that that economy is depending on imports so local citizens require more of foreign currency to meet their foreign expenditure on imports therefore the local currency loose strength.This implies that an economy with strong business players are capable of maintaining a strong economic exchange rate.

Businesses contributes to improve a countries international appeal by improving GDP of a country.A country with very productive businesses often has attractive international accounts as it has a high GDP.A high GDP often mean that a country has adequate provision of goods and services for citizens.

A country with business often improve the government treasury.Business in tells a taxable base for the government that is the government can tax business and provide for areas which can not be provided by private business for example national defense.

In meeting business goals such growth and increasing capacity or even starting business activities there is need for manpower this gives an economy significant advantages as businesses help to reduce unemployment as they employ people to provide workforce.This will also improve a nation's treasury as government can now tax more employed workforce.

In conclusion businesses are essential to an economy to survive.